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What international foods go well with rice?

My college is hosting an international foods dinner THIS FRIDAY (Oct. 22nd, 2010). We're thinking of making a big vat of rice and a couple of things you can put on top of or mix with rice. So far, our ideas are a curry sauce, a khoresh (a type of Persian sauce), and red beans and rice. Does anyone have any other ideas? We are going to use some kind of white rice.

For rice related dishes that's fast and easy to make in bulk:

1) Onigiri: http://food.3yen.com/wp-content/images/onigiri.jpg Lovely isn't it. LOL
2) Teriyaki chicken bowl. Pre-made chicken breast pieces - Costco. Pre-made sauce - Costco. Mixed vegetables - Frozen section.
3) Mango and sticky rice. Finding your mango source is the biggest problem. http://mouthwateringsf.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/mango-rice.jpg
4) Musubi: http://whatscookingamerica.net/History/spam_musubi.jpg
5) Pork chop and rice. Pork chop and rice was served in many different countries and they were made with different styles. I'd recommend deep fried pork chops mainly because of the shorter cooking time.
6) Chinese minced beef over rice: http://http.cdnlayer.com/smoola/00/00/34/1030d8b54f013192_m.jpg

If you only need to make one or two batches, GUMBO would be very nice. :)

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